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How To Know What Rims Will Fit Your Car

Rims are one of the most noticeable parts of a vehicle, but rims are not just for the looks. When it comes to vehicle performance, rims do have an important role to fulfil. It is because of this reason that sometimes having your tire rims changed can enhance your vehicle’s performance and also improve your vehicle’s looks. However, it is extremely important to choose the right kind and size of rims for your vehicle.

Knowing your Vehicle Rims

First of all, it is essential to understand what exactly a rim is. Although many people use the term rim with the wheel interchangeably, rims and wheels are two different things. A rim is the outer edge of a wheel that holds the tire firmly in place. This enables the tire to rotate in conjunction with the rest of the wheel. A rim is a connecting element to the wheel hub through spokes.

Choosing the right rim size

As mentioned earlier, your vehicle performance is impacted by the size of your tire rims. Generally, increasing the rim diameter leads to shorter tire sidewalls and improves tire grip on the road. This results in improved vehicle handling and steering response. Widening the rim size improves the stability of the tire on all corners which is likely to be lost if the rims were only taller and not wider.

The concept of plus sizing is common with regards to tire rims and includes increasing the rim’s diameter and width while adding a tire with a shorter sidewall. Alternatively, you can think of adding large sized rims and tires with higher sidewalls to your vehicles. However, you must make sure that there is adequate space for the tire to rotate without hitting the fender. By increasing the radius of the tire and rim you may slow down your vehicle. It can also decrease the effectiveness of anti-lock braking.


Another thing to consider when choosing tire rims is to pick the ones made from aluminum or steel. Aluminum weighs less which helps vehicles to increase their fuel efficiency. Steel is a heavier metal and quite durable. When using heavier rims, you are more likely to feel the bumps in the road as compared to a lighter material. This is because the vibrations from a speed bump impacts the transfer up through the vehicle’s suspension. Most aluminum rims are alloys which comprise of aluminum mixed with stronger metals. Thes rims also tend to dissipate brake heat more effectively than steel rims.


There are many styles of rims available in the market. They comprise of different colours, patterns and even finishes. You can choose different looks depending on what kind of colours and patterns you like. Large sized and colourful rims are a favourite among many due to their eye-catching appeal. Make sure to check that your car rims are matching your vehicle’s colour and creating a good contrast. If you would like to see what types and sizes of rims are perfect for your tires, speak to a specialist from 416 Wheels and Tires. Our staff will be happy to give you any information and assistance that you may need to choose the correct rim size as per your ve