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Should You Buy A Spare Tire

A lot of new cars available on the market today are missing a spare tire or they are coming equipped with tires or inflator kits that claim to make having a spare tire obsolete. Drivers typically don’t think about needing a spare until we need it. You should actually highly consider keeping a spare tire in your vehicle because you never know what will happen. You can unexpectedly get a flat or a puncture and then end up on the side of the road stranded. A spare tire and wheel will allow you to have a direct replacement, which lets you become mobile right away until you can reach a tire repair service.

There are many spare tires available for modern cars that are smaller than normal tires, which can help drivers save on trunk space, gas mileage, weight and cost. Keep in mind that spare tires are not like regular tires, and they should not be driven on for any extended amount of time. It should be promptly replaced with a full size tire as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you are on the side of the road before you decide to invest in getting a spare tire for your car. If your vehicle doesn’t come with a spare tire, make sure you purchase one so that you can safely replace a damaged tire, so you can safely travel to the nearest repair shop to get the right service.

Different Types Of Spare Tires

A full-size spare tire

A full-sized spare tire is the same size as the other tires on your vehicle. The main advantage of carrying a full-size spare is that it won’t be a temporary fix. Always get a tire rotation performed on all of your tires, including your spare if you do have a full-size spare. Full-size spare tires are the same as your existing tires and wheel set. The only disadvantage is that they will need more storage space.

Temporary full-size spare 

A full-size temporary spare will match your vehicle’s original tire dimensions. But it won’t be the same in terms of tread depth and weight. These spares will be lighter, which makes them easier to install. This spare is full size, but won’t be an exact match to your regular tires.

Compact temporary spare tire

A compact or donut spare will be a temporary fix and it should not be used to drive a long distance. These tires are small and narrow and will take up less space in your vehicle but they will have a shallow tread depth. These compact spares are meant to save you in a pinch by allowing you to get to an auto repair shop to get your tire replaced.

Run-flat tire

Run-flat tires have become common for some car manufacturers to include in place of a spare tire. They are meant to withstand most road hazards, including punctures and they can continue to drive about 50 miles before they need to be replaced.