construction of the tire

The Basic Construction of a Tire

When you look at the modern construction of the tire, you can see just how far technology and engineering have come over the last several centuries. Years of research by the top name tire companies have resulted in the kinds of tires we have today, in terms of style, efficiency, material, durability and much more. But do you know just what makes up the construction of a tire? It’s much more than just a circle of rubber, so let’s see just what makes today’s tire a sophisticated work of are for your vehicle.


The exterior of the tire that everyone sees is called the tread. With patterned rubber that runs the perimeter of the tire, the tread’s design will depend on the intended use for that specific type of tire.

Belt System

Located directly underneath the tire tread, the belt system is usually constructed from steel. The main purpose of a belt system is to provide strength and stability for the tread. Doing so allows the tire to last longer and handle better.

Body Ply

This is one of the most important parts of the overall construction of the tire. The body ply is located underneath the steel belt and usually features a sheet a polyester that’s covered with a small amount of rubber. This is integral, as the body ply helps the tire keep its shape and bear weight.


Either side of a tire has what’s known as the bead, which is made from a mixture of wire and rubber materials. The bead is the component that connects the rim to the tire itself. It also creates a seal that prevents air from leaking out.

Inner Liner

The inner liner of a tire in the innermost layer of the interior. This component is key, as it’s what keeps the air within the tire. Because the inner liner needs to stay intact at all times to effectively do its job, it’s made from a material that prevents air from leaking out.


On both sides of the exterior of your tire, you’ll find sidewalls which are made in a variety of stiffnesses. The sidewalls help to protect your tires from rubbing against curbs as well as being damaged by other road elements.

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