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What Happens When Tires Sit in Place Too Long

Tires on your car are constantly in use, more than any part in your vehicle. Your tires work even when the engine isn’t on and are designed to take that heat. What they aren’t meant to do is sit for long periods. If your tires sit unused for a long time, you can run into many issues. Let’s dive deeper into what happens when your tires sit for too long.

Tires sitting on an idle car

 When your car sits in a yard or garage without being driven for a while, you risk the following:

  • Flat spots

Tires naturally can take the weight of your car and its passengers even for long distances. That is partly because the wheels are always turning and never sit in the same place for long. Your car’s tires fare far poorer against weight when it is constantly in one position. Your tires may develop flat spots where they meet the ground. You will feel the difference when you attempt to drive it next time. 

  • Degrading rubber

When exposed to specific environments consistently, the rubber tires on your vehicle will slowly lose their integrity. If you attempt to then later drive on these compromised tires, you put yourself and other drivers on the road at risk. 

  • Bubbles

Bubbles in your tires happen because of weakened rubber. Weakened rubber is extremely dangerous to drive on. Your tires are susceptible to a blowout which has the potential to cause damage to the car, yourself, and other drivers.

Tires that sit in a tire shop

While tires shouldn’t sit on your car, they are designed to be stored during the off-season. To maintain longevity, they must be stored off your vehicle and adequately in a tire shop. Talk to 416 Wheels and Tires about properly storing your tires in our shop during their off-seasons!


If you have no choice but to store your vehicle with tires on, there are a few simple solutions. 

  • Rubber mats

Place a thicker rubber mat under your tires if you know they will be sitting for a week or two. This can help cushion the car’s weight and reduce the likelihood of developing flat spots.

  • Take your idle vehicle on even a small drive

Not only will taking your car out once every few days even for a minute or two be good for your tires, it can help maintain your car’s condition.

  • Jack up your car

Look for a car jack specifically designed to hold up your car and keep the tires off the ground.

Don’t assume that just because your tires aren’t “worn out” that they are perfectly fine to use. Check out our tire checklist to quickly determine if you need to replace your tires. But don’t forget to consider how long they have been sitting on an idle car! Having great tires is essential, so stop by 416 Wheels and Tires today for your complete inspection or to change your tires!