Financing Options

At 416 Wheels and Tires, we believe you shouldn’t have to pick between having great tires and maintaining your finances. That’s why we offer our clients financing options no matter what your situation is. Options are available for rims, tires, or both rim and tire financing. 416 Wheels and Tires have quite a few unique... read more

Low Profile Specialist

At 416 Wheels & Tires, we have high end Italian touch-less machines (Mondolfo ferro) capable of handling all low profile tire installations! Call us now! 416-677-4480 read more

Installation and Balancing

What do “mounting” and “balancing” mean? Mounting is pretty self-explanatory – it’s simply the act of putting the tires onto the wheels, then installing the wheels onto your vehicle’s axles. … An easy way to understand the concept of a balanced tire is to think about your washing machine during the spin cycle. Balancing distributes weight evenly between the tire and rim with... read more

Professional Tire Repair

Tired of your wheels taking up so much space in the garage? When you take your tire into a shop, the technician will remove it from the rim and inspect the inside. Many times, more damage is found on the interior that isn’t noticeable from the outside. They will notice the location of the puncture or leak.... read more

Seasonal Changeovers

A Tire Changeover requires one set of wheels and two sets of tires, and involves keeping your existing wheels while only switching out the rubber tires. This is initially the less expensive option as it doesn’t require purchasing a second set of wheels. Call us now! 416-677-4480 read more

Seasonal Tire Storage

Tired of your wheels taking up so much space in the garage? Storing tires with 416 Wheels & Tires is the ultimate in convenience. Avoid the heavy, dirty task of moving around your tires and free up space in your house, basement or garage. We offer tire storage as a part of a bundle with... read more