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At 416 Wheels and Tires, we believe you shouldn’t have to pick between having great tires and maintaining your finances. That’s why we offer our clients financing options no matter what your situation is. Options are available for rims, tires, or both rim and tire financing. 416 Wheels and Tires have quite a few unique perks that make the payment plan process even easier for our customers in Mississauga and the GTA.

No payments for 100 days!

Walk out of our shop feeling confident knowing you won’t have to make a payment for the rims or tires for the first 100 days from the installation date. We know how expensive new tires and rims can be especially in Mississauga; but we also are very aware of how important they are to keep your car running on the road optimally, and ultimately to your vehicle’s safety and longevity. Our 100-day grace period is the best way we can ensure you get the items and products you need when you need them despite the financial factors of living in Port Credit to Applewood neighborhoods. We care about our customers and their families which is why the plans we have are specifically designed with YOU in mind.

Don’t pay for 3 months, interest free!

When you select one of our financing options, ask about the interest free options. Choose our payment plan that is interest free for the first 3 months – ideal for any local Mississauga buyer. With our interest free options, you’re paying the lowest price on your own schedule, and when you can! You no longer have to sacrifice elements like comfort or quality for cost, a difference that can save you more in the long run.

10 months, equal payments!

Stop worrying about high interest rates with wheel and tire financing from 416 Wheels and Tires in Mississauga. Many of us prefer a short term payment plan with no interest. Spread your payments out over 10 equal monthly payments with no interest – a great option for anyone in Mississauga.

Customize your payment plan to align perfectly with your financial situation. Select weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments that are easiest for you to manage without sacrificing the quality of your rims or tires. With plans like this, you can get everything you need at one time rather than splitting your visits up to accommodate.

Benefits of new tires and rims:

  • Smoother drive

Bent rims can make driving a bumpier experience even on the smoothest roads! If you notice your car shake while driving, make sure you check that your rims aren’t bent!

  • Healthier car

Think about it, if you can feel the bumpiness of the car. Imagine what that’s doing to elements of your vehicle like suspension, steering column, and tires.

  • Better fuel efficiency

New rims and tires can improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Talk to one of our experts about the importance of quality tires when it comes to maximizing your fuel tank.

  • Quieter ride

Balding tires can be loud on the road and create humming in the cabin. When you replace your tires, you can enjoy the radio just a little bit more.

  • Safer car trips

Driving with bald tires is dangerous. Danger is posed not only to you but to the other drivers on the road. Rather than having a tire blow out or skid across the road while you save, invest in your safety with new tires now!

If you’ve found out how you’d like your dream car, but need some help spreading the cost out a little, we can offer you a range of finance options that help you make your ideas a reality. Why pay now when you can pay later?

How to apply

In-store – you can apply in-store at any of our planning desks


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